Modern Hypnosis

Advanced Hypnotherapy of Utah

Interactive Hypnosis Is A Breakthrough
In Being Able To Have More Personal Awareness
While Experiencing Hypnosis


Making hypnosis safe and effective: I will help you respectfully work with your subconscious mind to get cooperation, and the advantage to this approach is you can obtain information that opens up the doors to the changes you seek.

Early in 2004, for my own healing needs, I found an evolved and modern method of Hypnotherapy that could get to the core/roots and work with the Subconscious Mind respectfully and interactively. This method was very superior  to traditional hypnosis because it focused on getting healing changes, not just programmed behavior changes.

What is Hypnosis? There Are Many Kinds.

There are websites and books that say your mind is like a computer and you just have to reprogram it to make changes. I read that concept many years ago and believed it because I did not know any better back then.

I practiced traditional hypnotism in the beginning.  I found it lacking in being able to make real healing changes, in myself and in many of my clients.  Traditional hypnotism views the subconscious mind as a “thing,”  to be programmed and trained like a computer.  While that is partially true, —

I’m here to tell you that your Subconscious Mind is much more intelligent, dynamic, and amazing than any computer, and can reveal things to you that can begin a genuine process of positive healing improvements in your life. 


Introducing You To
Your Own Subconscious Mind


The way I work is to help you understand your Subconscious Mind and guide you to work with it, with respect, to get amazing cooperation with your inner-mind.



Compare The Two Minds

My friend and co-professional Carole McCormack in Queensland, Australia, allowed me to use her graphic that details the larger size and power of the subconscious mind, compared to the conscious mind.

mind chart



So our subconscious mind is large and has an immense amount of resource and potential, often that we are not utilizing and don’t even know about.


A Huge Advantage of Advanced Hypnotherapy,



Is being able to accurately get to the “real problem,” and get on the right track to resolving and healing the roots of the problem.

Advanced Hypnotherapy helps you to accurately connect to your deeper, (seemingly) buried subconscious beliefs, to put out the fire, instead of fanning away the smoke, and attain real healing improvements.


Your Subconscious Mind Just Wants To Be Respected

Your Subconscious Mind is there for you, it’s not your enemy. It works on the experiences of your life to create beliefs about you and your world (and too often those beliefs are not true). It needs correct information to serve you appropriately. If you treat it like a stranger, it will treat you like a stranger. But when you learn to interact with your Subconscious Mind with respect and dignity, it will respond with respect and dignity.

 Ignoring your Subconscious Mind,
or worse, treating it with disrespect,
Will cause it to work against you.


This is where it really gets good, listen up.



Your Subconscious Mind Can Show
You Superior Alternatives That You
Have Not Even Thought Of.


Your subconscious mind has a great deal to share with you and wants to support you. And it will, when you are ready and willing to listen. Working interactively with your Subconscious Mind can bring benefits beyond expectation because it has a wealth of information you are not yet aware of or using.


*Modern Interactive Hypnosis *

As a professional I helped create a method of hypnosis that is more valuable and effective than traditional hypnosis. Advanced Hypnotherapy is a set of processes that are so modern and effective, I have taught my system to over 100 hypnosis professionals around the world.

So let’s dive and in talk about it.

Working with me, in The Experience of my Interactive Hypnosis, you can discover things about yourself and your core beliefs (unconscious beliefs) that you would not discover in your day-to-day state of mind. In fact, most of us have been taught to ignore our inner-mind and our intuitive abilities.


The way I do it, Hypnosis is a deeper state of mind that can show you things that are hidden or underneath your thinking mind, but need to be recognized to obtain resolution and healing, to move forward in life. And it needs to be done right, meaning: If done interactively, setting up communication with the Subconscious Mind, one can learn truly astonishing things.

Remembering that most hypnotism (conventional hypnosis) is TELLING the subconscious mind what to think or say or do. Instead, I set up experiences of self-discovery and healing potential.


Consider This Example

Above I said that your subconscious mind wants to help you, and has a wealth of information you are not yet aware of or using.

During the day we cannot see the stars and planets, or any shooting stars. Yet they are there in the sky during the day. But at night, when the light of the Sun is not blocking your sight, you see the stars, planets, shooting stars and a breath-taking view of the Universe.


I utilize the power of “hypnosis,” the power we all have, to open up the eyes of your thinking mind to behold your own Inner-World; the world that controls you and your life.

I help to create Hypnosis experiences with
increased inner-awareness and interactiveness,
to gain healing insights and positive improvements.

An Interactive Experience
Into Your Deeper Mind

Discover aspects about your inner-self.

Be re-introduced to the power of love and strength that exists within you.

Advanced Hypnotherapy becomes an endowment of power that can serve you to create positive changes in your life.


Valuable Information And Answers
Truly Are Inside Of Us

Have you ever felt pressured as you are trying to come up with an answer, a memory, something you want to know or remember, but the pressure is not letting your mind grasp what you want? Sure, we all have done that. But an hour or two later when the pressure is gone, up comes the answer! Or even more aggravating, it took a day for the info to come up!

Releasing feelings, especially in Interactive Hypnosis, brings astounding clarity so that information and “answers” come to your conscious awareness. Some of the insights are simple things and some are profound and life-changing.

Interactive Hypnosis
And Advanced Hypnotherapy

Here are some of the benefits and blessings that my clients have reported: 

  • Unexpected clarity of mind and body;
  • A Releasing and Cleansing of long-held feelings, such as fears, sadness, grief (and more);
  • Revelatory insights, long wanted answers, solutions for right now and also creating momentum going forward;
  • Resolution of former conflicts, both personal and relationships;
  • A sense of knowing things are moving now in the right direction, increasing hope and confidence, feeling and seeing momentum;
  • New, fresh positive thoughts and feelings that create empowered choices;
  • Increase of energy, positive attitude, with improved positive habits.
  • In other words, being able to attain significant improvements in multiple areas of their lives, by working respectfully and in tune with the subconscious mind. 



    This is your opportunity to experience Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in a more natural, interactive way, respectfully working with your subconscious mind for deeper, authentic improvements.


    Each Advanced Hypnotherapy Session
    Brings Progress

    Once you have experienced your first Advanced Hypnotherapy session with me, you are able to progress to a more advanced level the next time.

    Each following session tends to be much more successful because the mind learns through experience and your confidence increases as Advanced Hypnotherapy helps you to make successful, life enhancing changes in your life.


    Increase Of Control Of Life

    Advanced Hypnotherapy is designed to increase the control you have of your life. People I have worked with report having an increase of control not only as they progress in each session, but as they experience things in their daily lives. They begin to report that things which used to upset and annoy them, have lost power.



    As Your Body Is Clear, Your Mind Gets Clear

    Here is a snap shot of a session where a woman who had released several negative feelings, and then all of a sudden, she had an epiphany, a huge revelation about herself and how to make empowered choices going forward in her life. In this process of Interactive Hypnosis you can make real changes, not just intentions. By the way: This woman had agreed to be videoed to help me teach Advanced Hypnotherapy to other professionals around the world.


    This took some time and sincere effort in the session. She had tangibly released several negative feelings about the issue she was working on, which got her to the point that her mind was so clear, she was then aware of her life-changing revelation. She said, “it’s as if it was there (the answer), all along.” That’s why it’s appropriately called Insight. (In my experience the answers are already there, inside of us.) And notice the enjoyment I get to have as those insights and revelations come to conscious awareness. I do love my job.

    Now that the cup is clean and she has the information she needs, now we so some hypnosis work (positive suggestions) to deepen and expand the good she has attained in her session. The Hypnosis we do now is accurate and powerful because it resonates with her feelings and Subconscious Mind.



    Since you are still reading:

    One More Significant Advantage of Advanced Hypnotherapy

    One of the benefits of Advanced Hypnotherapy is to help you find the good, in things that you previously felt were only bad.

    In the deep levels of Hypnosis you reach in sessions you can discover things about yourself, particularly about your feelings that you might never have learned in any other way.

    I’m not just talking about bad stuff, but also good and wonderful things about yourself, your real self. Good and wonderful things you may have forgotten, or may not have felt since you were a little child.

    The key is releasing old negative feelings that created untrue and distorted perceptions in our mind.  The story our subconscious mind gets in times of hurt and confusion cannot be accurate, but can be powerful in controlling our life.

    Thus, releasing feelings to get enough clarity to realize the truth, creates a new direction in our mind, which allows us to begin stepping in a more successful and authentic path of life. Again, see the Testimonials, both written and videos.




    Good news. ZOOM sessions are available and productive. I’ve worked successfully with people all over the world. Call me and we can discuss your individual situation.