Advanced Hypnotherapy of Utah

Examples of Successes

Here are some examples and types of issues and problems that people have overcome and attained success through working with me. I don’t like lists because they are limiting, but here goes.

*This is just a partial list.*

I’ve found that our healing potential does not have limitations. Again, see the Testimonials for specific examples. When you call me, we can discuss your personal situation.

  • Stress: the source of countless problems. Research by Perkins (1994) cited in the Harvard Business Review showed that 60% to 90% of doctor visits were stressrelated.
  • Fears, Anxiety, Anxiety Attacks
  • Dread, Apprehension
  • Panic and Panic Attacks, Overwhelmed
  • Sadness, Sorrow, Heartbroken/Pain, Misery
  • Grief, Loss, Misfortune
  • Guilt, Remorse, Shame
  • Anger, Rage, Temper, Resentment, Bitterness
  • Feeling Depressed, in a Funk
  • Hopelessness, Helplessness
  • Negativity, Distrust
  • Baggage from the Past in it’s many forms.
  • Lack of Confidence, Adversity
  • Low (or no) Self-Esteem, Worthlessness
  • Confusion, Mental Fog
  • Unwanted / Bad Habits
  • Pain that is medically unexplained and unresponsive.
  • Feeling Conflicted
  • Self-Sabotage (lots of self-sabotage going around)
  • Stuck, Frozen
  • Sleep Problems
  • Eating Problems
  • and more, see below.


    A pleased client who recently overcame and healed
    her life-long terror of water. Thumbs up for sure!

    Additionally: Moving Through and Healing From Dramatic Life Changes

    Break ups and Divorce issues, Shock and Traumas from the past (including so called Failures)Loss of job, home, and a very powerful life change – Deaths.

    [Visit my page on recovering and healing from divorce and breakups.]

    I’ve successfully helped people with:

    Problems in their current life, and people who have been hurt years and years ago, who needed tangible relief, healing and closure.

    And people who felt stuck, did not feel satisfied, and did not obtain enough healing changes (don’t feel healed).  People who have tried other therapies, including other hypnosis, but did not get the improvements they wanted.

    I frequently work with and attain success with
    people who never felt they got deep enough
    to resolve the problem, and people who never
    felt they were not really listened to or respected

    Testimonials: Telling it from their view and writing from their hearts. Who could say it better, than the people who have actually gone through the process and had success? See testimonials here.

    Good news.\: ZOOM sessions are available and productive. I’ve worked successfully with people all over the world. Call me and we can discuss your individual situation.