Video Testimonials

Advanced Hypnotherapy of Utah

Video Testimonials

Randy Shaw, Advanced Hypnotherapy of Utah, Hypnosis

Just a brief note: The reports of these wonderful people are much more beautiful than the brief descriptions I have written. Please drink freely of their positive energy and their successes.

Video testimonials below.  Written testimonials: Click Here.

Kind words from Darren Hiller, Hypnotherapist
in Dallas, Texas. The sessions were conducted
on Skype.

Heart-felt words from Matt who has seen some truly meaningful
improvements in his life, his attitude, and his increased enjoyment of life.

Overcoming severe panic attacks through
releasing and Advanced Hypnotherapy. She
was fortunate to accomplish that in one
session. And in fact she had multiple
significant healing improvements over
4 sessions. Hear her amazing story.

Seen on the Home page:
Listen to her triumph in overcoming anxiety
attacks and getting in touch with authentic
self-confidence, a new love of self, new
respect for herself.

A follow up report of the positive changes and
improvements. 60 days after 1st session, still
no panic attacks, plus a lot of great things have
happened, including something good with her body
weight, and skin healing. She has successfully
created and set healthy personal boundaries.

Blake’s report of overcoming insomnia and lack of self
confidence that included even feeling extremely
uncomfortable in front of his guitar teacher!
He is a gifted musician and now plays in front
of anyone!

His second video talks about even
more healing improvements. (It will play.)


Good news. ZOOM sessions are available and productive. I’ve worked successfully with people all over the world. Call me and we can discuss your individual situation. Randy Shaw, 801-671-5270