Advanced Hypnotherapy of Utah

Recovery and Healing
After Breakup and Divorce

Breakup and Divorce can be devastating. But for 16 years I have been helping people get through the pain and suffering of breakup and divorce, to attain recovery and healing, and move forward into dignity and success.

When we have to leave –or are thrown out of- a marriage or relationship, it can literally whiplash our life. It feels like the world that we were living in just ceased to exist and got turned on its head. Then we are left feeling stunned, traumatized, and struggling to find some way to keep from crashing and burning.

Divorce and breakup rank in the top 3
Stressful and traumatic events of life, but—

I’ll help you get from where you are,
Into a Better Place,
In your Head and your Heart.

Examples and Testimonials below.

As terribly hurt and raw as you may be feeling now, I want you to know it won’t last forever, and positive improvements can come to you much faster than you would expect.

To begin I help people get relief and be able to breath and sleep again, and then in the second phase of healing you actually gain your balance and dignity.

You Do Not Have To Suffer Or Pay For
This Situation For The Rest Of Your Life

Just briefly: Three Basic Stages

Stage 1: “Feeling Crushed.”
If you are overwhelmed, if you are coming apart at the seams, even feeling devastated. I’ve been here myself, survived and got my life back. I know it’s terrible to experience but it doesn’t have to last forever or destroy your life. I can help you. I’ve been calling it Emotional First Aid and I’m good at it, with people who are willing to give honest and sincere effort as they work with me. People I have worked with tell me, “I can breathe now,” and “I’m finally getting some sleep again.”

Stage 2: Seeing Some Progress But “Still Messed Up.”
If you are having some good days but still having more bad days than you want, at least you are getting some room to feel better. When you are at this stage it may feel like it’s going to take forever to get over it.  But it doesn’t have to take forever. This is the message I deliver to the world: We suffer longer than we need to. We’ve been taught to think that it takes years of suffering, and we were not taught how to release and heal in a more natural-organic process. Call me and find out how I help people release the pain and suffering in  a much shorter time period and get their life back on track.

Stage 3: Making Progress Stage But “Not There Yet.”
If you are doing well in some areas of your recovery but you have not progressed as much as you want to and know you are capable of, I can help you get to the next level of liberation and success in your new life.

Call me. Let’s talk so I can share my processes with you and give you some hope and relief!

Randy Shaw: (801) 671-5270

Healing Is A Process That Does Not Have To Take Forever!

Life can seem very hopeless and dismal after a break up and divorce. When we feel devastated it’s so hard to find our goodness or anything hopeful.

And my message is: Step by Step, improvements and healing comes! And with my help, faster than you may think is possible (see testimonials page)

First Step: That emotional first aid I mentioned above.  We will slow down and even stop the agony by releasing negative and painful emotional energy. This allows you to catch your breath and get some balance.

Second Step: Releasing the “Baggage.”  This is where the significant changes really begin.

The unresolved aspects of our relationship are like bags of weight that we carry.  Thus the term: Baggage Of The Past. And as we carry these “bags” we spend a lot of energy to manage and even suppress them. Thus it feels HEAVY, burdening, draining; holding us back and weighing us down by the past.

Do you want to set some (or all), of those heavy bags down???

I sure hope so. Your heart wants you to.

Then let’s get to work!

I help people release the troubling feelings and thoughts from their past relationships, and with each release it makes more space for hope and new strength to sprout and grow with each session.  Each session is like setting down some of the heavy “baggage” we carry from former relationships.

People who have worked with me report attaining a greater sense of self-worth than they have had in years, or Ever had!  The more you release the baggage the more energy and zest you have for Your Life!

Examples of Success
Using My Advanced Methods

I’ll start with two examples found in the testimonials page.

Example 1.  A woman who was still feeling tormented from her last breakup, which happened 12 months earlier.

I was amazed at how fast you helped me let go the feelings I was holding about my old boy friend. I had felt miserable for over a year and you helped me release those feelings in my first session. I rarely even think about him anymore! Thank you for helping me clear up many other painful memories in my other sessions and thank you for teaching me that I can release feelings and know that I am a good person. I look forward to working with you when I start my next project!
#29 on the Testimonials page.

Once we release the old energy from the influence of–and experiences with–our former partners, the people I work with are set free to live a new and more authentic life. They are more clear, free and separated from the person and the past. Separated so well that things which used to upset them now seem off to the side, instead of right in front of their face, and no longer holds the power to upset them.


     *     *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      

Example 2

A man who was being brutally abused, verbally and emotionally by his wife for years and made to feel worse (degraded), from a problem he struggled with, that appeared as a result of the torture in the marriage.  The moment I met this man I knew he was not evil nor a bad person. He was (clearly to me), quite mixed up about what his duty should be, in dealing with his difficult wife.

In our first session Randy helped me release some feelings I had inside on an issue that I had not even planned on discussing but it came up. I felt good after the session but still was not sure it worked. I didn’t know how to tell. In our second session we worked on some of the feelings I had with my wife. We worked on releasing my anger and being strong. Again I felt good but didn’t know if it had worked. I know that my urges for pornography had gone way down and I couldn’t explain why. We hadn’t yet worked on my problem with pornography.

Three days after my session I had a major confrontation with my wife and the issues of being out of the home. She verbally threw everything she had at me. She tried to make me mad, she tried to shame me and nothing worked. For the first time I was able to sit calmly and take it and it didn’t hurt. I didn’t have the urge to turn to pornography and I felt powerful. For the first time I knew it worked. I had been working on the wrong things to get rid of my problem. My issue with porn was more about all the emotions I had bottled up inside me that I couldn’t release. I am well on my way to recovery and look forward to our sessions.

I feel so much stronger and freer than I have in 25 years. It’s great.

It’s worth reading his complete report, #12 on the Testimonials page, because I have added a followup report describing how well he’s doing, 3 years after his sessions.

     *     *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      

Example 3

This one is not found in the testimonials.  This next example is from a woman (and it could have been man) who  described how she felt after 4 sessions of releasing negative feelings that she had carried about her former spouse and their experiences. Her description painted a great picture in my mind.

“You know how you feel yucky and sticky and smelly after working in the yard all day? You can feel the dried sweat and the salt on your face and all over?  I noticed feeling like I had taken a shower after my 4th session. I felt like I had washed away the yuck and the smell and the sticky sweaty residue from my marriage. I feel CLEAN now. I feel SEPARATED from those times and what happened.  I know I didn’t erase them. But it’s like they just don’t bother me anymore. Like I am getting a new start.”

And, all I did with her is help her release a lot of old, negative feelings she was carrying, which made room for positive feelings. As she said, “I feel like I am getting a new start.”

Well, as you know we work hard in marriages and committed relationships.   We toil and struggle and sweat and even “bleed” emotionally, and when it falls apart or explodes—we need a shower for our heart and our brain and our whole insides!

Releasing the negative feelings we carry from divorces and relationships opens up your mind and soul to clarity and dignity, and helps us feel renewed and healed in our life—in the now.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to relax, and breathe and smile again?

Once you release the negative feelings, your body will be clear, calm and relaxed, and your brain/head can then be clear, calm and relaxed–instead of having all the emotional energy pounding up into your brain.

Call me.

Let’s get you on the road to recovery and

step by step creating a better life, for you.

Randy Shaw: 801 671 5270

Good news. ZOOM sessions are available and productive. I’ve worked successfully with people all over the world. Call me and we can discuss your individual situation.