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The Power of Releasing
Negative Feelings

Most people do not realize how feelings control our lives, especially negative feelings. Our feelings and emotions are generated from our experiences and we carry many feelings (emotional energy) inside us, even years later after those experiences.


The feelings and emotions that we carry inside us will determine not only how we feel but also the way we think and act.

Your feelings can overpower your thoughts,
your intentions,
and your common sense.





By the way . . . most people are not aware of their feelings, even though they “think” they are.  Feelings and emotions are in the realm of the “feeling mind,”  the “Subconscious Mind,” and thus are not as easily recognized nor understood. 


It is amazing to find and recognize, the feelings we have “under” the surface. Like an iceberg, over 90% of our feelings and perceptions (beliefs) live below conscious awareness.




Strong negative feelings can take away our confidence, our hope and even our dignity.

Strong unreleased feelings can rob us of clarity, balance and peace.


Regardless of facts, data or logic,
strong negative feelings bully us,
making us say and do things we don’t
really want to say or do. 



Feelings (emotions) are stronger than thoughts, logic, willpower and even our good intentions.



If you hear one thing, please hear this: Just because we feel lousy, or unworthy, or feel that our situation is hopeless–it Does Not Mean It’s True.



Strong feelings can rob us of our clarity,
our courage, our goodness
and our dignity.



Negative feelings produce negative and even untrue thoughts and perceptions, which creates a negative life. We cannot have a positive, productive, loving life if we carry layers of negative feelings.


However, feelings (emotional energy) can be released, processed, let go to make room for goodness, positive energy, clarity and peace, hope and strength.


“Releasing negative feelings feels like
the sun finally breaking through the clouds.”




In my 19 years of helping people I’ve found that to truly change it’s not just about trying to force yourself into thinking positive thoughts and striving to have a positive attitude or do positive thing— we need to acknowledge and release our feelings, because our subconscious mind believes our feelings (even when they are “wrong”),  more than any truth or proof that may be available.

There needs to be a releasing and cleansing of negative feelings (emotions stored and trapped in the body), to make room for positive energy and accurate perceptions.



The Cup Example

redcup If you picked up a cup to get a drink, and the cup had some dirt in it, the water or drink you put in the cup is going to be muddy. Surely you would not drink the muddy water… So first you clean out the dirt, get the cup clean and NOW pour your drink in the cup and have something good to nourish you.

No one could hypnotize the cup to believe it doesn’t have mud in it, right? So, clean out negative feelings (the dirt in the cup), so that positive, peaceful and confident feelings (the clean water) can be the energy you feel in your body, and help you succeed in life.





Yes, good news! I am very good at helping people release negative feelings, both those feelings in current life situations and also those old lingering and bothersome feelings from our past.


Advanced Hypnotherapy works successfully with
the cooperation of the deeper, feeling mind,
where your “buttons are pushed.”

The great value in being able to release negative feelings is that it makes room for positive feelings, clarity of mind, and personal empowerment.


This is HUGE because once your feelings change,
your thoughts change, your habits change,
your attitude improves and life can get a lot better! 




Releasing Negative Feelings can be one of the most Important and Empowering things you can experience, and learn to do yourself.­­­ People who work with me learn this valuable life-enhancing tool of releasing negative feelings, to use on their own!



Thank you Randy for your methods. I had
tried hypnosis twice before and neither experience
helped. Even in my first session (with you) I knew I
had found the right person to help me. I FELT the
difference in my body and my mind.  I will use your
methods to help me the rest of my life.

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