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NOTE: I am not taking clients for stopping Smoking at this time.

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Hello and Welcome,

If you need to overcome a problem and improve your life, and want to learn about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you have come to the right place!

Advanced Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective process which helps people make significant changes in their lives.

I take this work very seriously. I've had wonderful success with the people who have chosen to work with me.

Also, I have personally experienced Advanced Hypnotherapy sessions. My sessions were invaluable experiences, accomplishing both emotional and physical healing. My sessions greatly assisted me in moving my life forward, and helping me to feel better about myself and my life than I had in decades.

Advanced Hypnotherapy is more than just Hypnosis, and much more than just behavior or habit management.

Advanced Hypnotherapy is the process of helping you make true, internal changes. Real changes in your feelings and thoughts. Why? Because we have to change inside of ourself before changes can occur outside in our life. Now, I'm not just talking about simple changes, I am specifically talking about significant improvements in your life and healing changes.

From Testimonials
With Randy, we were able to dig really deep and discover my real fear of water. I am now able to stand under the shower and allow water to run over my face without freaking out. This is so huge for me and so exciting!

If you really want to make changes to your life - significant, life-enhancing changes - then you must change your deepest feelings.

Your feelings can overpower your thoughts, and your
intentions, and your expectations.

If you think about it you'll understand that your
feelings can overpower your conscious willpower.

(Example: I'll bet you've seen someone have something very good happen to them, or for them, but they don't recognize it, or can't accept it, or don't feel happy about it because their feelings won't allow them to.)

Feelings can prevail over logic and willpower. That's why habits are so difficult to change. Your head may want to change because it's the logical thing to do, but if your deeper feelings are not convinced, willpower and logic always lose the battle.

Our feelings are the dominant forces which create and determine our successes and failures, our happiness and our misery.

What do I mean by this? If you stop and think about it, all of our actions, habits, behaviors and motivations are activated and energized by our feelings, our deepest feelings.

So when someone calls me and wants use Hypnosis to stop smoking, or has an overeating problem, or any habit, complusion or addiction, I tell them that it's just the tip of the iceburg, just the leaves and flower of the dandelion weed.

To remove your problem without resolving the root feelings that are creating your problem, increases the chances that your problem will just come back, and often even worse, or show up in your life in the form of another problem (symptom).

Advanced Hypnotherapy

Is a very unique combination of powerful methods, designed to resolve problems at their roots, which can quickly help you feel better about yourself and your life.

Advanced Hypnotherapy usually produces significant results in 4 to 6 sessions (about one week apart).

Typically, session 3 or 4 is a breakthrough experience (individual results vary).

Get to the Root so the
problem dissolves, disappears.

You may have noticed above that I said Advanced Hypnotherapy is designed to resolve problems at their roots. This is a huge distinction between most therapies or methods you may have tried or are thinking about trying.

Think of what happens when you get the root of a dandelion weed. You get to the root, dig it out and the weed disappears. Simple yet profoundly effective.

The problem you are dealing/suffering with is just the top of the dandelion weed, and the true solution to your problem is to get to the root and get it out. If you don't get the root out, it grows back...

Advanced Hypnotherapy is effective in helping you get to the root of the problem, rather than ignore, mask, or numb away the feelings the problem is producing.

Some methods or therapies may try to talk you out of your feelings, even your deepest feelings, but not me and not Advanced Hypnotherapy. Why?

Because resolving your feelings can truly change you, can heal you, transform your life. You need to be able to feel your true feelings to truly change.

Advanced Hypnotherapy works with the cooperation of the deeper, feeling mind, where your "buttons are pushed."

Transformation at the feeling level of mind produces changes because your changes are in harmony with your deepest feelings.

Randy Shaw

Certified Hypnotherapist
Board Certified Hypnotist

I dedicated the direction of my life in the spring of 2003 to becoming a master of Hypnotherapy, because of its boundless potential to help people significantly enhance and heal their lives.

My Promise to You:

I will always treat you in a respectful and professional manner in the hypnotherapy sessions that I conduct. I will make sure that you are safe, and that your session is as productive to helping you as we can make it.

Sessions by appointment only.

Introductory 20 minute phone consultation, no charge.

Call me at: (801) 671-5270

Spring Terrrace
4885 South 900 East
Suite 240
Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

Note: Since 2007 I have had the blessing to teach and mentor Hypnotherapists from all over the world, and work personally with many of them. Here are some kind words from Darren Hiller, a professional hypnotherapist in Dallas, Texas.

Also, read great testimonials about Randy from other professional Hypnothearpists: Click here.

Since you are here, a little advice ...

At any time you feel you are ready to speak with me, please don't hesitate to call. You don't have to be an expert in the information on this website. Allow yourself to begin your transformation into the person you want to be, and into the life you want to live.

Randy Shaw: (801) 671-5270

We'll spend as much time as necessary to set up your sessions for success, especially your first one.

Video report and recommendation:
With Advanced Hypnotherapy she was able to:
(1) Overcome frequent panic attacks, and later be able to release an oncoming panic attack.
(2) Resolve negative feelings about her birth mother.
(3) Release a past trauma of being verbally and physically attacked, that had plagued her for six years.
Don't miss her story!

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are possibly the most powerful and effective methods for creating life-enhancing changes known to mankind. But they are also the least known methods, and perhaps the biggest secrets.

I've found that most people do not have an accurate understanding of Hypnosis, and especially not Hypnotherapy. So call me and let's have a good conversation about your situation and how Advanced Hypnotherapy could help you.

(801) 671-5270

People call me and the first thing they ask is, "can Hypnosis work for my problem?"

My answer is almost always yes,
however this question is answered specifically for you only after you have told me about your problem and situation, and how committed you are to changing.

I want you to know I'll do whatever I can to answer your questions.

Only after we have reached the point that we both feel good about working together, will we then make an appointment.

The more you understand and feel optimistic about the Advanced Hypnotherapy process, the quicker the process will unfold to you, the more valuable your changes will be, and the faster you'll reach your goals.

Medical conditions may require a doctor's referral.

Introductory 20 minute phone consultation, no charge.

Call: (801) 671-5270

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