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Personal Note To You


I would like to share with you the reasons why I practice Hypnotherapy because it’s not just a job to me. It has been a positive and healing transformation in many parts of my life, beginning in my 49th year (2003).

At this time of my life I was dedicated to my healing. I had to find a process to heal my wounds and issues and after finding it I wanted to share it with as many people as possible. On the testimonials pages you read how Advanced Hypnotherapy has improved and healed many people’s lives.

Now I will share a little of how Advanced Hypnotherapy has improved and healed this “guy” living in Utah.


There is “this guy” I know (we’re very close), and he has achieved several improvements in the last 12 years, through doing what he calls Advanced Hypnotherapy.

ckmrkHe used to suffer from a powerful allergy, but it’s gone.

ckmrkHe used to suffer in his digestive tract when he ate dairy foods (called lactose intolerance), but that problem is gone.

ckmrkHe used to get flu-like aching and sickness when he ate chocolate or spices, and now he can eat all the chocolate he wants and does well with most spices.

ckmrkHe used to have excruciating sinus headaches when he cried, but that has improved 90% (now has control and recovers quickly).

ckmrkFor 27 years he had suffered from a terrible reoccurring nightmare, but that nightmare has disappeared (14 years free).

ckmrkHe used to suffer from a lot of tension, frustration and anger, and was grouchy a lot, but his friends say he’s become a calmer and more considerate person.

ckmrkPeople close to him say he is kind and is very patient.

ckmrkHis friends also say he recovered remarkably well and quickly from his divorce and 2 major relationship breakups.

OkayWinking-Smiley-400-x-300, you know this guy I’m talking about is me. I have had other improvements besides the ones listed above. I am grateful to have the knowledge and tools to continually make healing changes, including small adjustments that add up into profound life enhancements.

And like I said, this is not just a job for me. I had to make sure this “Hypnotherapy stuff” would work for me before I offered it to other people. And I’m continually working on improving myself.

Please understand, the hypnotherapy I use is not traditional and very uncommon. This is truly advanced hypnotherapy, above and beyond what the masses of hypnotists and hypnotherapist are offering.

But to really understand why I do what I do, just read the Testimonials. I have had a great deal of joy and satisfaction helping people change and heal. I am grateful for my own positive healing changes.

Also I have had tremendous experiences teaching and mentoring Hypnosis professionals from around the world, and doing sessions for them (you can read about some of them in the Testimonials).

Twenty years ago I did not dream of becoming something called a Hypnotherapist. This came to me because I wanted to feel better about my life and then be able to help other people. It all has exceeded anything I could have planned. That is why I do this work.


A Brief Review of My Evolution in Hypnotherapy

Early in 2003 I began intensely learning Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy through training and certifications. By the spring of 2004 I began helping people.  But I got into hypnotherapy to first heal myself. I knew by October of 2002 that I wanted to go into the field Hypnosis as my new life direction.

In the 20 years prior to beginning my education I had been earnestly looking for “something” that would truly help me change and heal, something that would help me get success, even peace of mind.

I had tried several self-help methods and books, I took the time to pray deep and earnestly, I tried talk therapy, and I even tried some Hypnosis here in Utah (three different people), but nothing was helping me get the meaningful core changes I hungered for and needed so much.  And frankly, I was very disappointed in the hypnosis sessions I experienced.  I felt they only scratched the surface of where I knew I needed to go, to experience understanding and resolution in my deeper, inner-mind.

Early in 2004 I found an evolved and modern method of Hypnotherapy that could get to the core/roots and work with the Subconscious Mind respectfully and interactively. This method was very superior because it focused on getting healing changes, not just programmed behavior changes (as is the goal of traditional Hypnotism).

Those first four sessions (in 2004) with that method produced significant and life-enhancing improvements for me, even some astounding improvements.  In fact those sessions changed my life. I KNEW that finally I was onto something that was real and could truly heal. At last, after searching 20 years I found a method that brought fast and deep improvements, and I have obtained several more improvements over the last 15 years.

Because of the healing successes and blessings I obtained
through my newly found processes, I committed myself to
helping anyone who is ready to heal and change.


Randy Shaw 2004

I dedicated the direction of my life in the spring of 2003 to becoming a master of Hypnotherapy, because of its boundless potential to help people significantly enhance and heal their lives.

My Promise to You:

I will always treat you in a respectful and professional manner in the hypnotherapy sessions that I conduct. I will make sure that you are safe, and that your session is as productive to helping you as we can make it.



A special letter from Matt Sison, CHt., Healer, Hypnotherapist, Martial Artist, Trainer, Author, Speaker

Randy Shaw is an amazing healer. I use the word healer as opposed to hypnotherapist because he exceeds the limitations of a hypnotherapist. His process is whole, complete and teaches the client a set of philosophies and concepts to empower their lives.

Randy, at first was my “student” of hypnotherapy, but has surpassed student to teacher. There’s an old saying that says “the biggest gift you can ever give your teacher is to become better than him” … It is quite easy for me to say that Randy has exceeded me on many levels of healing others.

I have had the wonderful opportunity of utilizing Randy to help me with my own issues. And every time he has brought me full circle with the issues I was struggling with when I could not heal on my own. Many times he has brought me from complete utter emotional, physical, and even spiritual pain to enlightenment.

Randy has guided me past blocks that have been holding me down that prevented me from accessing my full potential. He has the gifted talent of listening and finding what is hiding in the subconscious and bringing it up for cleansing. He thus takes what’s hiding and gently, powerfully and effectively helps you move through them.

There are only a very few people I would trust with my subconscious and Randy is on the top of my list. Randy thank you for your gifts and talent. I will always turn to you when my issues need clearing up.



Fethiye, Turkey:

My third book “The book of Hypnosis” was published.. (in Turkish at moment, but my plan is to translate my books to English in the future..) This book is dedicated to Randy Shaw for his unexpected supports for my hypnotherapy career development.

Dr. Bulent Uran
www.bulenturan.net – www.drbulenturan.com


Training and Experience: Randy Shaw, CHt.

Below is the most significant certifications, training and influences that have shaped my understanding and skills as a Hypnotherapist.  Healing and living a fulfilling life are my greatest goals, which I desire to share with as many people as possible.  The list below represents the highlights of how this amazing journey has unfolded for me, step by step.


Extensive Influence and Support from Robert Shaw, Salt Lake Hypnosis Center (Est. 1984). Starting in October 2002 (when I got completely serious about Hypnosis). Robert had over 25 years of experience as a Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist, and is my father!

We had countless talks and discussions about hypnosis. He allowed me access to hundreds of video and audio training tapes from his extensive collection of seminars, conventions and workshops over the last 25+ years. A virtual education in itself.


Certified Hypnotist
April 2003
Omni Hypnosis Training Center, Deland, Florida
Very thorough introduction and study. This basics to advanced course was a solid hypnosis foundation for me.


Certified Hypnotherapist
April 2003
National Guild of Hypnotists
The World’s Largest Hypnosis Organization


Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Training
September 2003
Live lectures and Hypnotherapy session training.
Gil Boyne (See below) Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles, California


Certified Hypnotherapist
October 2003
5 PATH : 5 Phase Abreactive Therapeutic Hypnosis.
Advanced Age Regression School.
Banyan Hypnosis Center, St. Paul, Minnesota


Certified Self Hypnosis Teacher
October 2003. 7th Path Self-Hypnosis, Banyan Hypnosis Center, St. Paul, Minnesota. A holistic, Mind-Body-Spirit approach to self-hypnosis for self-improvement. It’s effect is greatly enhanced because it utilizes a person’s individual spiritual beliefs and practices.


Hypnotherapy Sessions with Gil Boyne
October 2003 Sante Fe, New Mexico.
What a truly amazing person. Without Gil’s considerable contributions to the development and exposure of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, we would be 30 years behind in the effectiveness and productivity that is now possible by professional (serious) Hypnosis practitioners. Experiencing sessions with him and “picking his brain” for many hours after was a huge boost to my career.


Personally Experienced Successful Hypnotherapy

With Matt Sison CHt., Sherman Oaks, California, February 2004

This was a major turning point in my life.
At this time in my life this experience was the best thing for my progress both as a human being and as a Hypnotherapist. I found that Matt is an exceptional Hypnotherapist and person. Matt introduced me to “intuitive healing hypnotherapy.” Instead of the mechanical way most hypnotists work, Matt taught me to listen to my body, and connect with my subconscious mind.  Matt utilized and evolved from his time being mentored by Stephen Parkhill (more below).

“Going through” this kind of advanced Hypnotherapy myself, the experience, greatly increased my empathy for the people I work with. It takes a lot of courage to face your inner stuff, and it gave me the knowing that I can help people through any kind of trauma, into healing and success.

After my initial sessions Matt then encouraged, mentored and supported me into becoming a healing hypnotherapist myself. He is one of the most important people in my life, and always will be.


Education and utilization of Stephen Parkhill Concepts and Methods
March 2004, ongoing – with assistance from Matt Sison, Stephen’s “best student.” Stephen has had tremendous success with clients in resolving and healing the “higher end of the spectrum” of illnesses labeled chronic and terminal, such as cancer.
Stephen Parkhill is the author of Answer Cancer, the Healing of a Nation. It’s out of print for the second time.

Stephen Parkhill is a pioneer and leader of healing through the mind.


Emotional Freedom Technique: EFT
Certificate of Completion, Fundamentals Course, August, 2005. EFT was introduced to me by Matt Sison (see above), as a powerful tool to facilitate the release of negative feelings and blockage to allow positive energy/feelings to flow and be re-established within our body/mind.


Randy Shaw, 2007 Trainer and Author

Randy Shaw, 2007
Trainer and Author

Further Accomplishments by Randy:

References below can be found at:



Teacher and Facilitator of Regression Boot Camps, and Releasing and Healing Boot Camps in both the USA and Canada, for hypnosis professionals from around the world.

Co-Author and Teacher of three professional training programs:

  1. Regression Hypnotherapy: Advanced Concepts and Methods,
  2. The Power of Releasing Negative Feelings
  3. The Pretalk for the Regression Hypnotherapist: setting up success.




Uncommon Self-Work Expertise:

Self-Regression, Self-Work, Self-Healing: the art of using the tools of my trade to heal and improve my life.  By learning how to work on my self, and with myself, I received an amazing education on how to help other people.



Releasing Negative Feelings Expert:

“With 15 years of helping people release all kinds of negative and harmful feelings and emotional energy, Randy has rare and uncommon skill at helping people attain healing improvements.”

Releasing Negative Feelings to produce healing is an art, not a trick, not an interruption, not a blocking or numbing, nor a short-cut to enlightenment. Releasing is one of the most powerful processes for healing improvements in the Universe.

15 Years: Learned And Experienced More Than I Could Have Imagined

As you can imagine after 15 years of working to help people change and heal, I’ve experienced more than I ever could have imagined or guessed when I started my journey in 2003. From physical problems to mental and emotional challenges, I’ve been blessed to be able to help people find success. It has been more than an education. It has been an enlightening tour of our inner-world and understanding of our deeper mind–which controls us.

One aspect I did not know would bless me in my work and that is gaining great compassion for people. I found that everyone who comes to me is somehow mixed up and wounded from past experiences and only wants to find peace and relief to live a better life. I am humbled and grateful for the people who show up with faith and humility, and follow my guidance. I must be smart but I think it’s been a gift for me to be able to see things deeper, look past the surface of people, and see that underneath we are all like children–innocent and wanting happiness, love and success.

My 15 years in this work has blessed me with more patience and compassion, for myself and people. It’s a great blessing that I did not anticipate but I am grateful for. What is going to save our world is compassion, love, patience. And we get to help save the world, one day at a time, with each interaction we have with others, and ourselves.

Good news. ZOOM sessions are available and productive. I’ve worked successfully with people all over the world. Call me and we can discuss your individual situation.

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